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Video Interaction Guidance

Video Interactive Guidance (VIG) comprises of short edited positive clips of a caregiver and child taken from a filmed sequence of five to ten minutes duration.

VIG aims primarily to promote greater parental sensitivity to the child’s initiatives, which leads to attunement and mutual emotional wellbeing so enhancing the parent child relationship in positive ways, which directly impacts on the child’s physical and emotional development.

VIG also enables the parent to develop or protect a “space in mind” for the child. During the sessions, in parallel to what is going on between parent and child, professional sensitivity to the parents’ experiences and communications whilst viewing the film, opens the way for a similar process. The parent experiences being ‘held in mind’ by the practitioner who follows the parent’s initiatives and listens carefully. Attunement develops between the parent and professional, creating ideally a sense of safety and a space for the parent to enable them to enhance and develop their capacity to look at the world through their child’s eyes, and to reflect about the child’s experience and needs.

VIG has every chance of being effective as it aims to support the client to be actively involved in their own change.  It has a sound and extensive research basis (Kennedy, Landor, and Todd 2011).

The aims of using Video Interactive Guidance as an intervention within assessment are to:

            Raise self-awareness and reflection.
            Activate clients to solve their own problems.
            Reduce stress and increase self-confidence.
            Achieve collaborative relationships.

VIG is respectful of the current situation that the parent and child are in. The values and beliefs are:

            People wish to communicate.
            People in troubled situations do want to change.
            Everybody is doing the best they can at that time.
            A crisis is an opportunity for change.
            The power for change resides within the individual or situation itself.